List of products by brand Marlow

Marlow specialises in the use of exotic synthetic fibres such as Vectran, Zylon, Technora, Nomex and Twaron and are a key partner with DSM Dyneema, designing specialist lines from Dyneema SK99, SK78, SK75, SK38, DM20 and XBO.

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Brand: Marlow


The bio-based SK78 core is high strength and has minimal creep.

Ideal for Laser/ILCA outhaul, downhaul and vang systems.

The Technora blended cover gives the same fantastic abrasion and heat resistance properties as EXCEL ELITE. Technora blend cover adds grip for wet hands, and is easy to taper, showing colour matched ARMOURCOAT core.

Ideal for halyards, sheets and high strength control lines.

Brand: Marlow


Marlow's heat set Doublebraid offers industry leading strength and stretch performance for a polyester braid-on-braid.

Flexibility and soft feel ensures easy handling - especially good for leisure marine yacht sheets. Easy splicing removes the need for bulky knots which also reduce a ropes strength. Also good for high load applications thanks to the heat setting process helping to reduce stretch and increase strength.

A great all-round rope.

Brand: Marlow


Marlow's D2 Grandprix 78 Dyneema core with Technora/Polyester cover is ideal for as racing halyard or sheet. 

The upgrade to D2 Racing and ultimate standard production racing halyard or sheet. Manufactured using our bio-based D12 78 core or D12 99 core for additional strength and 50/50 Technora / Polyester cover to provide even greater performance in clutches, jammer and around winch's. Lightweight, low stretch, minimal creep with grippy, abrasion resistant cover for excellent jammer performance. D2 Grand Prix's blended cover grips well on winch drums and lasts during the toughest races thanks to its high melting point.