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Brand: Optimast


Red Flex is an important link between all of Optimast's sailing sets.

The Polish manufacturer noticed that most of the coaches select sets of sprits with a larger arrow of deflection and lower weight. On the basis of experience, a set of Red Flex fills the gap between Blue and Red spar set.

Red Flex spar set is especially good when sailing on the open waters with more waves. This set is very dynamic.

Brand: Optiparts


This Optimist Silver regatta mast is less stiff than Blackgold spars and is ideal for lightweight Optimist sailors who just started racing.

It’s made of high quality aluminium tube and fitted with:

  • Aluminium halyard and downhaul Clamcleats EX1381
  • Stainless steel hook-in block backing plate Plain bearing hook-in block EX1340
  • Plain bearing 19 mm halyard block EX1332
  • Low friction wind indicator EX1243
  • Set of nylon top pins EX1338
  • Pin stop EX13372
  • Blue measurement band sticker EX1333B
  • 4 mm 2:1 polyester halyard