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Brand: DevotiKDK


This Racing Pack includes

  • DevotiKDK Race Optimist Optimist hull, equipped with:
    • IODA Registration & Measurement Book
    • Optiparts deck collar
    • Optiparts adjustable mast step
    • 48L Optiparts buoyancy bags with tube
    • Optiparts daggerboard bungy
    • Optiparts padded kikking straps
    • Harken blocks (Carbo Ratchet 57mm + Carbo 40mm block)
    • Optiparts rudder gudgeons
  • Optimax spar set (any combination)
  • 3FL Sail, with certificate and sail number
  • N1 Foils daggerboard + rudder with fittings
  • TRD Practic trolley
  • Optiparts Economy top cover
  • Optiparts fully padded UV bottom cover
  • Optiparts foils bag
  • Optiparts spars bag
  • Premium safety pack (mast lock, floating painter, two bailers and praddel paddle)
  • Accesories: mainsheet and 40mm Harken block with Dyneema

Brand: 3FL Sails


3FL Optimist racing sail. Includes IODA button and sail numbers.

The 3FL Plus sail is recommended for sailors weighting between 35 and 41 kg.

To access the latest 3FL Optimist Tuning guide, please consult the 'Datasheet' tab provided below.

Important: The delivery time of this product may vary depending on various factors, such as stock availability, workload at the sail loft, product customization with sail numbers, availability of official measurers, among others. Therefore, the estimated delivery time can range from immediate delivery to a maximum of seven business days. Contact us to obtain precise information about the delivery time in your particular case.